Classical music deserves streaming of the highest quality.

The past year has shown that culture will defend itself in any conditions.

These days broadcasting or recording a concert is no longer a problem, although it is a technical challenge.



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Live Streaming

There is no place for mistakes in broadcasting a live concert.

With Onstage you can give your viewers the opportunity to experience an event in real time - with no interruption.

One take, endless memories.

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January 2022

Concert, competition, festival?


Announce your event with a teaser full of class, elegance and emotion like in a movie trailer.


Together with us,

you will prepare unique



that will help you reach a wide audience.

At Onstage Video Streaming Services we provide professional video services adjusted to the needs of our clients. Provide your audience with the highest quality of communication. Show them emotions they won't even see in real life.


Onstage Video Streaming Services provides professional video streaming / recording services adjusted to the needs of our clients.

and post-production

Camera… action!

In order to record a live concert well, it is not enough to press REC. Appropriate camera positioning, image editing and post-production are the elements thank make your event professionally captured. And we know best how to do that!

Teaser production

Making Of

Would you like to let viewers take a look behind the scenes and show them rehearsals from the inside? You can use the recordings as short clips and share the memories of the event on social media. But moreover, you will give your performers a beautiful memories!