About us

A group of classical music lovers asked a question - what is the most important part of a classical music concert? Why do we love going to concert halls? For us the answer was easy - it is the energy and amazing acoustic sound which makes us fall in love with the live experience.


So we joined forces with a software house and created our video solution, a 21st-century concert experience to keep the live sound experience and add to it ‘digital binocular’ on a smartphone. We want to let the audience feel as if they were among the musicians on the stage.


… and this was 2017.


Since then we built the software with the aim to put all classical music concerts in one place and deliver benefits for music lovers both locally and globally.


Major steps and clients in the history of our company:

Nov 2017

the premiere of the app (Warsaw Philharmonic)

October 2018​

international premiere with Basel Sinfonietta (Basel, Switzerland)

January 2019​

Portuguese premiere at Casa da Musica (Porto, Portugal)

October 2019

first client on the other side of the globe - Canadian International Organ Competition Festival (Montreal, Canada)

June 2020

 International Arts Manager writes about us for the first time

April 2020​

the first-ever Instagram takeover of the Classical:NEXT account followed by first-ever live webinar organized by cN featuring ONSTAGE’s CEO

June 2020​

BachFest Leipzig - first post-pandemic client

June 2021

BachFest - live streaming & recording of the entire festival

Coming up in
2021 / 2022

November 2021

The world premiere of AI-supported

automated video streaming solution

partnership with

January 2022

Cooperation with Mizmorim Festival, Basel, Switzerland, recording and post-production of the Festival

Build the future with us.

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