Paperless concert brochure !

All-in-one digital solution


ONSTAGE mobile app allows you to find a classical music concert with full information about it.


Our goal is to unite classical music concerts in one mobile app - globally and locally. Globally because we are working worldwide, locally - because the app always shows you available concerts where you are.


Full information about the concert - all available on a smartphone.

Digital advantages?

Navigation to the venue or direct link to a live stream, music score viewer, reference recordings before you arrive at the venue, to mention a few.

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No more printed booklets needed - let’s be more

eco-friendly together.

Replace printed concert booklets with an app.

With ONSTAGE, printing costs can be immediately lowered or reduced to ZERO.

Any information can always be changed and updated.



  • key information about concerts

  • details of each piece of work

  • bios with photos of composers, conductors & soloists

  • PDF music scores

  • ‘buy ticket’ button

  • links to organizers’ social media channels

  • additional materials like trailers, making-offs, etc.

  • possibility of adding a concert to your personal calendar

  • a list of your favorite concerts

  • possibility of sharing information about the concert with friends 

  • possibility of emailing the organizer directly

  • concert rating


Our mission

  • unite classical music in one place both locally and globally 

  • allow concert organizers to communicate digitally with smartphone-friendly concertgoers 

  • create a platform which gives value for listeners  - no more ‘google search’ needed - the app shows everything


  • paper program booklets should become a history - let’s save trees and the planet

  • a convenient way to check the concert program on a  smartphone before arriving at the concert hall

  • all in one place - no one knows all concert halls, orchestras, festivals and individual artists performing in your city - we do


A few facts and numbers

Let's be more eco-friendly! Let's save trees together.

Smartphone and internet use

Global apps' downloads

  • production of 500 colorful, 8-pages, A5 program booklets cost around 100 euros

  • from one tree you can produce around 8500 A4 pages, which means that 500 programs cost us a quarter of a tree 

  • production of one tone of paper demands cutting 17 trees

  • during the year, one tree produces oxygen sufficient for 10 people

  • 57% of the total population (4.388 billion of people) uses internet 

  • 52% of the total population (3.986 billion people) uses a mobile device to connect to the internet

  • Millennials (people at the age from 18 to 32) check their phone around 150 times a day 

  • generally, people spend 6 hours, 42 minutes using the internet

  • every year the number of internet users and social media users grows (internet: 2018 to 2019 + 9,1%; social media: 2018 to 2019 +9%) 

  • the number of app downloads grows every year (from 192.45 billion in 2018 to 204 billion in 2019)

  • total app usage increased by 50% between 2016 and 2018 globally, taking the total to around 1350 billion hours

Benjamin Woodroffe
President, Global Foundation for the Performing Arts 

“ONSTAGE is the excellent smart-phone application that helps users find concerts based on geographic location. Digital mobile technology is central to the lives of all music-lovers and audience members.  ONSTAGE delivers this technology to presenters with simple and effective marketing services to speak directly to the all-important “last-minute” ticket buyer.”

Felix Heri .png
Felix Heri
Managing Director of Basel Sinfonietta

“As an orchestra we are very open to new technologies. The ONSTAGE mobile app has confirmed this openness in a positive way. This means that we will not shy away from the digital transformation of the concert hall and the future either. I'm convinced that the app will play an important role in the classical concert business in the future to bring art and technology one step closer."

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