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ONSTAGE Video Solution

How it works

You decide which concerts are suitable to use our video solution

No matter how far people sit in the concert hall, they always have a great quality of sound. What you can’t guarantee is that everyone can see what’s going on the stage.

No seat is a bad seat

Each audience member at the venue can make an individual choice between four cameras to see close-ups of what’s happening on the stage in real-time

See the unseen

  • close-ups of the conductor’s face

  • detailed shots of all artists on the stage

  • an individual choice between 4 cameras footage

  • exclusive experience available only for those in the concert hall

ONSTAGE Video Solution is a Premium add-on feature, that allows your concertgoers to watch what is happening on the stage in real time, and in remarkable detail, directly on their smartphones' screens.

Coming up in 2021 in Tonahlle Zurich and BachFest Leipzig.

Stand out from the others - a unique concert experience and

a new marketing tool.


ONSTAGE Video Solution - how do we do it?

We give you the entire technical service. From cameras' rental,
the internal wi-fi set-up to the entire technical supervision during the concerts.

In-house preparation

Our team arrives one day earlier to work on the event preparation.

Internal WiFi setup

Our access points provide a high-speed connection so people enjoy smooth video transmission.

Four Remotely Controlled Cameras

All the footage is sent to smartphone screens. No cameraman needed.

(on demand)

Service to stream the concert directly on your website or social media.


(on demand)

Ready-to-use concert recording for promotional purposes.

Our tech crew supports you the entire time.


Audience member

at the Polish Radio

“This is the future – both for the modern multidimensional perception of music and for the art in general.”

Customer Stories

Thomas Leslie

Canadian International Organ Competition

“Everyone we have shown the app has been excited to try it and use it during a concert.”

Audience member

at the Basel Sinfonietta

“This was another level: the audience and the artist have become much closer to each other!”

We're here to talk about your ideas.

Jakub Fiebig, CEO

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The ONSTAGE app is designed by classical music passionates with years of experience in the industry.

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